• Maximum Download File Size for Free Users 1gb
  • Maximum File Uploading Size for free Users 2gb
  • Disk Storage for free Users Unlimited
  • Make Money No

Service Description

FilePost is a file hosting service that provides secure storage for your files. You can store files for your private purpose or share them with the whole world. It is also the easiest way to resend any data or files to the people who need them (instead of using regular e-mail service).

After Megaupload.com shutdown by officials in US, Filepost closed its affiliate plans and started terminating accounts sharing illegal contents (warez, movies, tv-shows). You can read about their Copyright Claimer on bottom of their site.

Pros at a glance (for content sharers)

  • extensive marketing settings provided for affiliates: you can customize some limits like delay timer, captcha, download restriction per xx minutes, premium only downloads etc..
  • pays for rebills at %60 rate

Cons at a glance (for content sharers)

  • premium sales are processed in Euro currency where some potential customers may feel a bit uncomfortable on purchasing..

Download Properties

  • Max. D/L File Size: Free Users:1gb | Premium Users:Unlimited
  • Waiting Time Before Download: 30 seconds
  • Download speed for free users:
  • Download Restriction: 100 mb per 30 minutes

Upload Properties

File Management

  • Disk Storage: Unlimited for both Free & Premium Users
  • File Copy: Yes
  • File Storage Time: 30 days since last downloads
  • Folder Management & Links: Yes